Aurous Risk Partners is a Managing General Agent dedicated to creating a more efficient distribution chain concentrating on making insurance business easier, faster and less costly to access

About Aurous Risk Partners

Aurous was founded in 2018 in response to the very apparent need to repair the (re)insurance value chain. The distribution chain had become too long and convoluted to properly service (re)insurance buyers and capital providers best interests. The underlying product itself wasn’t flawed, the way it’s delivered to market needed to change and was simply incurring too much distribution cost on its way to market. Aurous founding risk partners had worked at various points in the insurance distribution chain throughout their careers and felt a new approach was needed to provide more efficient matches between insurance buyers and capital.

Since Aurous’ inception we have been focused on underwriting profitable portfolios of business utilising unique and efficient capital structures that ultimately deliver better value to our clients and market beating return on capital figures to our capacity partners. We intend to continue to innovate and provide solutions to our clients and capacity partners to ensure that we continue to provide more direct and efficient matches between risk and source capital.

What Makes Us Different

Our dedication to having the best possible:


Good underwriting is driven by accessing as much of the market as possible. That is why access to risk is a dominant business driver for Aurous.


Making the right underwriting evaluation requires the right know-how and the right data. Investment in this area will always be a top priority.


We want to match capacity to risk where there is a genuine appetite. Fine tuning the configuration of our capacity pool will be a constant process.


We believe underwriting portfolios should be under constant review including thorough assessment of how and why each risk is included.

Our Core Values

Aurous Risk Partners’ believes that a Managing General Agent’s success should be judged on:

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